Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thunder over Michigan pt 3 "The Blue Angels"

Ok...So I took like a bazillion pictures of the Blue Angels, but here is just a few that I thought you would like...Although Willow Run AIrport is the perfect place for this show...they need much better PARKING!!! It took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot, but I'd do it all over again to see these guys...

FAT ALBERT a C130 J flown by an all Marine Corps crew

I would have gotten air sick with that rate of ascent!!

Photo Pass

Fat Albert does not turn on a dime...plenty of time to take a picture.

And now The Blue no particular order from the Saturday show.

Breathe taking view!!

Another postcard...

Didn't I see something like this in Top Gun?

A little fuzzy on the front guy...

Oh no, are they going to hit each other...doubt it...

Diamond formation...

Just the right angle...looks like he is sitting outside of a plane window or something...

Ominous clouds in the back helped me see the afterburners...

Formation with smoke

Sneak attack!!

I think they called this a "dirty" fly by...I think it's because the landing gear are down and the "Hook" for the carrier is down..and they were going SLLLOOOOWWW..

A near miss!! Or is it?

Definitely not for the faint of heart

Classic Postcard shot!!!

Actually glad to see this came is a sequence of each plane spiraling down wards, but the picture looks like one plane photoshop'd...but it's not!!

The last view I had of them before they circled and landed...Truely awesome show..can't wait to see them come back!!

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